Pruned by Jeremiah

While making my way through Jeremiah, different lines spoke to me about my ways of worshipping idols, much like rebellious Israel. Based on Scripture from Jeremiah, I wrote out this prayer...

My God, I return to You.
There is no God like You, who is mighty in everything You put Your hands to. Whose delight is in kindness, justice, righteousness, obedience and humility. You, the Maker of heaven and earth...You desire my whole heart.
My circumcised heart.
Let me not become worthless. Nor dig my cisterns of self-sufficiency.
I do not wish to return to You in mere pretense.
Please put Your fear in me, that I may always tremble in awe of You.
Circumcise me.
My gods are worthless, and so I become worthless. My attempts of anything good are worthless without You.
I do not have wisdom, strength, riches, or anything to boast about.
I am naked and unguarded. My foolishness and selfishness are exposed.
My God, clothe me in the the boast of knowing You. Just knowing and understanding You.
Cover me in Your wisdom, strength and riches.
I desire You, and every other pursuit falls to the ground in emptyness.
I desire you, Abba.
I desire you in truth.
April 27, 2009
(Jeremiah references: 10:6, 9:24b, 4:4, 2:5, 2:13, 3:10, 2:19, 9:26b, 9:23, 9:24b)
Photo: A bride, cradling idol of Krishna. Courtesy of foto search dot com.


  1. That was just what I needed to read today my dear! God is so good! Thank you!

  2. Ah, how easily we embrace the idol of self. I heard someone say that being holy is highly desirable because it elevates and glorifies ones self. How true. Of course we want to be righteous and holy, it looks good on us. So if attaining righteousness can cause us to stumble into idolatry, what are we to do???

    My God, clothe me in the the boast of knowing You. Just knowing and understanding You. Mmmmhmmm, that's right girlfriend. When we submit to that through believing that precious blood of Christ, we're made wise, strong, and so richly blessed. No idolatry required. :)

    Love you girl. Love you so much!

  3. Wow! So pure, right and true...praying in Spirit and truth. Thanks for posting your heart-cry! What an encouragement. It doesn't get any better than only desiring Him.


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