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A few weeks ago, I ran across Marmee's Pantry. A blog written by a sweet lady named Kim. The first post of hers that I read was entitled A Solid Foundation in a Shaky World - in which she discussed our role as mothers in regards to our children's education. After reading it, I was so encouraged by her graceful presentation of the Word, I kept reading.

I haven't stopped! If you notice to the right I've added a button that says Marmee's Pantry, click on it to head on over to her site. Her profile reads as such:

I am a Christian wife & mom. We homeschooled for 16 great years, & even though my heart will always be in the homeschool community, I feel the need to expand & move on into another area that is close to my heart~frugal living...including, but not limited to, money-saving tips; homemade food, personal care, health care, home cleaning; working w/& growing herbs, etc. I am also a writer & speaker on homeschool & Christian women's issues & I would be glad to speak to your group or at your retreat! Atempting to honor the Lord in all I do. 
Her blog is always a pleasure to read, and after getting her permission, she agreed to let me link back to her here. We can all use encouragement, can we not? For all women, young and old, single or married, mothers or grandmothers - you know how fulfilling it is to be apart of a group of Sisters in Christ, who have one goal in mind; to honor the Lord in all we do.

So, head on over to Marmee's Pantry. Learn how to make your own cleaning supplies, or soak in her pictures and stories about life in a German Baptist community. Regardless of whether or not you are, or have been, or never were home schooled, I just know you'll appreciate this womans heart!

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